Receive an SIP Grant or Request Volunteers

Partner with dedicated students to further your mission by hosting these students as volunteers or applying for an SIP grant. 

Grant making guidelines:

  • Nonprofit organizations must be designated as a 501(c)(3) entity by the IRS.
  • Nonprofit organizations must be preapproved by attending the NPO orientation and providing an organizational fact sheet.
  • Nonprofit organizations may only apply to programs by invitation.
  • Nonprofit organizations are not allowed to receive funds from an individual SIP program two years in a row.
  • Nonprofit organizations must be based in Midland or Ector counties, with local board members, and funds spent locally.
  • Nonprofit organizations must align with Abell-Hanger Foundation’s Scope of Giving.
  • Funds must go directly to the project listed and not passed through to another organization.
  • SIP programs give to specific programs or organizational costs, not general operating costs or as unrestricted funds.

Nonprofit Organizations that are invited to apply will be sent a link in late September/early October.

For questions about grants and volunteer partnering opportunities at these schools, contact the individual program coordinator: